Our Rooms

Our children are cared for in three separate rooms. Each child progresses through the nursery partly according to their age, but also according to their readiness to make the move. Each child has a key-worker who is their special person to carry out all their developmental record keeping. This key-worker is also your main link with the nursery, especially in the early settling-in period.

Babies and Toddlers Room (Bs & Ts)

  • This room is on the ground floor and it is where we care for our youngest children, those aged under two years.
  • A range of activities take place throughout the day which provide your child with a stimulating learning experience within a cosy and comforting environment.
  • Activities can take place both indoors and outside in our nursery garden.
  • The routine in the Bs & Ts room is kept very flexible, to enable us to meet the needs of each individual child. As an example, within the routine we do provide a set sleep time for the children, however at any time throughout the day if a child wants to sleep, then they sleep.

2-3’s Room

  • Children move upstairs to our 2-3s room; here they children follow a plan of activities, which can be adult or child initiated. Through our plans, various topics and themes are broken down into different activities and experiences for the children to take part in.
  • On a daily basis your child will participate in fun and educational activities while simultaneously learning about themselves and the world around them.
  • Throughout the day your child will have lots of opportunities to engage in free play activities, with time to explore, experiment, experience and find out things for themselves, as well as spending one to one time with their key person.
  • All activities can take place both indoors and outside in our nursery garden.
  • Of course these children are still in need of regular sleep and a lot of flexibility in their day.

3-4’s Room – Our Pre-School Room

  • Our children swell with pride once they become members of “The Big Room”. In this room your child will have access to a wide range of activities, sand and water play, arts and crafts, mark-making, number activities, construction and role play opportunities to name but a few.
  • The 3s – 4s also have their own computer situated within the room. This encourages children’s ICT skills and is used daily.
  • Your child will also learn through Phase One of Letters & Sounds, this falls largely within the Literacy area of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage. In particular, it supports the linking of sounds and letters in the order in which they occur in words, and the naming and sounding of the letters of the alphabet.
  • In this room we do our best to encourage a confidence and self-esteem in all the children which will enable them to happily make the transition to school.

The Nursery Garden

  • Our nursery garden is very important and very special – it is used by all of the children at every opportunity and they love being out there taking part in physical play, carrying out investigations, joining in with friends, but primarily having a lot of fun.
  • Everyone comments with surprise at how big the garden is, and also how secluded and private it is, with its high hedges and the many trees which provide good shade on sunny days.
  • We have a children’s playhouse and raised beds for growing fruit and vegetables, and also giant pirate ship!
  • We have a bark area under the trees, soft surface and an area of grass for stories and picnics.
  • We have a playhouse and mud kitchen and many items of play equipment with a focus on natural resources.
  • Also in the garden is a fully protected small pond which contains a lot of frogs; these provide endless fascination for the children.

Other Rooms

  • We have a fully stocked library with a wide range of non-fiction and fiction books for all ages.
  • The children are able to have breakfast, lunch and tea in our dedicated dining room.
  • Children have access each day to a multi-purpose room which can be used for soft-play to promote physical awareness, and also for sensory activities.