Play and Learning

All of our children’s development is recorded and analysed on a tracker to provide an individual pathway for future learning.

Our nursery curriculum is The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS). The EYFS was introduced in September 2008 and revised in September 2012, September 2015 and April 2017. It is the curriculum used in each room in the Nursery.

Through the EYFS we identify each child’s developmental needs to enable them to make the most of their emerging skills, their abilities and their own particular talents. Our aim through the EYFS is to –

  • help children to achieve by helping them to understand how they can stay safe and be healthy
  • allow children discover enjoyment in their learning so that they will attain success
  • encourage children to become individuals who will make a positive contribution and who will prosper.

Within the EYFS framework children experience the following learning areas:

Prime Areas

  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication & Language

Specific Areas

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts & Design