Elmer’s Great North Parade comes to Kenton Park Nursery School!

Hi everyone! Many of you will already be aware that as part of the Choice Childcare group of nurseries, Kenton Park Nursery School help raise funds for St. Oswalds Hospice. We are committed to giving something back to the community, and to ensuring that our children learn the importance of helping those in society less fortunate than ourselves. The hospice offers care to adults, young people, children and babies with incurable conditions across the North East and their families.

Some of you might also remember in 2016, over 160 Snowdog sculptures took over the streets, parks and public spaces of Tyne and Wear, in what was known as the ‘Great North Snowdogs’ trail. This was the most talked about event of the year and now we are all very excited to have been selected to be part of its follow up!

The new art trail in Tyne and Wear will feature an iconic children’s storybook character – ‘Elmer’. The trail will include 60 large Elmers followed by a select few baby Elmer’s, one of which WE have adopted! With your help we need to design and paint our sculpture as Kenton Park Nursery School is part of Elmer’s Great North Parade.

Children at our nursery will be a part of Elmer’s Great North Parade learning programme starting now, featuring exclusive educational opportunities and fun activities for all to participate in. All of our families and children will be invited to take part in our forthcoming events, including design competitions, craft workshops and our very own mini Elmer ‘stomp’.

We would love it if all of you could get imaginative and join in with the BIGGEST art event ever to take place across the region here at Kenton Park Nursery School!

Watch this space for further exciting news of upcoming events and the special arrival of our very own new member of Kenton Park Nursery School….!